What We Do

Morane Global Sdn Bhd create opportunity to encourage more individual especially young entrepreneur start up their career online through our sustainable business platform.

Our commitment of products is to present to our customer and reseller the confidence of using our products. Thus, our company has developed a strategic product brand to ensure the sustainability and stability in long term.

What We Have

MG Comprehensive System

  • Our comprehensive systematic and educational platform specially for our authorized distributor.
  • Online complete educational course
  • Mentor-Mentee System
  • Online and Offline experience team of trainer
  • Full systematic control of product ordering and pos system

MG Production

We have our production and industry expertise to go through an in depth research for manufacturing the most quality product and to provide multiple product line to ensure the long term assurance and guaranteed of company production.

MG Authorized Distributor

Our people is highly experience and benefited while we provide our authorised distributor a wide online network ; benefits and rewards. On top of that, we generate a scheme with high profit and commission payout to ensure they are well paid with their hard work. Also, we will ensure all our authorized distributor are being trained to be well versed in eCommerce industry.

We focus on providing the best quality product and service online to our customers

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